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18 year old Barbie White is the kind of blonde we all dream & fantasize about – stunning to look at, with a body that truly was built to be fucked raw :)

In these photos she’s about to get her very first double penetration fucking – she’s in no way nervous in fact she’s been looking forward to this moment for many months….she knows how good once cock feels inside her so is in no doubt that TWO cocks in her cunt & ass with be something truly memorable…this wont be a day anyone of them will ever forget :)

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Slutty, tight brunette teen Deja likes to do things in style – so when it came loosing her dp virginity, she wanted to guarantee no hole would go un-filled, so she asks THREE horny fuck buddies over to her place – with a cock in the ass, a cock in the cunt, and one in her mouth – the little whore sets about satisfying every one of them….how can a chick so petite & fragile take such a brutal gang-banging!?

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Blonde chick, Bea is not what you’d call ‘shy’ – she’s always had a very outgoing personality, and her sex-life has always been wild & adventurous – todays the day Bea tries being double penetrated for the very first time - if she is nervous she certainly doesn’t show it!

Bea has been involved in threesomes before, so gobbling & gagging on two cocks is nothing new to her – anal sex is something she’s also tried many times before – but how will it feel to have her cunt & ass filled with cock at the same time!?

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Stacy Silver is a gorgeous blue eyed blonde who loves to be experimental when it comes to fucking.  She’s been involved in threesomes many times, but this is the very first time she’s been double penetrated.

Her juicy cunt is begging to be drilled – that tight ass needs the same treatment – are these guys up to the job!?  You BET they are!  In no time at all the bitch is getting the most satisfying stretching of her entire life…leaving Stacey wondering why she never tried dp sex before

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This wild little blonde whore knew that when she asked two horny fuck-buddies of her over for a threesome that she’d probably end up loosing her dp virginity – might as well loose it in style!

She starts off by taking both their cocks in her mouth at once…a mouthful of cock is paradise to this little bitch – then it’s time to FUCK – which one these lucky guys going to get to fuck that tight juicy little cunt and who will get to shove their manhood deep inisde her very tight asshole…?

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Adventurous blonde Nikky Thorne may just be 19 years old, but already she has got a whole lot of fucking experience…this is not her first threesome by any means, but it IS her first ever double penetration :)

Nikkys two horny fuck buddies know what she likes…she is not the kind of chick that likes a gentle, slow fuck – this ill’ bitch likes it hard fast and raw…..Nikky wasn’t even thinking about dp sex, but while riding one guys cock it only makes sense not to waste the other…so she tells him to go behind her and fuck her ass – having two cocks filling her at once is the best sensation slutty little Nikky has ever felt before :)

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This blonde whore, has had more cocks in her than anyone could ever keep track off – but strangely enough she’s never been double penetrated before…the two horny dudes in this video aim to change that and pop the whores dp cherry :)

She plays all hard to get, but this bitch isn’t fooling anyone – it takes no time or effort for the two guys to be plugging her cunt & ass together…it’s about time someone gave this filthly whore the kind of rough dp fucking she so badly deserves :)

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Willa looks far too cute & innocent to get involved in a nasty dp fuck….maybe she was just very horny, or wanting to try something new…however it happened the lil bitch ends up getting both her holes gaped wide open and fucked at once….

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Maybe now that she’s had her first dp fuck she will go on and have many more…after all what can compare to being fucked with TWO cocks at once!?

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